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- Piston Engines

For pilots, mechanics and everyone else interested in aviation the great issue is engines and their performance. Obviously, as with everything else in this world, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect high cost service at a low cost spent.

- Propellers

Most older aircraft are propelled by metal propellers. Over decades ScanAviation A/S has been overhauling and repairing metal propellers. We also overhauled governors destined for piston powered aircrafts.

- Cylinders

The most critical part on aircraft engine is without doubt the cylinder section. This part of the engine is exposed to stress, extreme temperatures, pressures, mechanical wear, chemicals and corrosion and often misuse by the operator as well.

- Components

All aircrafts and aircraft engines are equipped with important components for various purposes as to ensure troubleless and safe operation, service, power supply or pressure/vacuum for the aircraft systems.


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